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Small Account

Small Account – Maxi (31)

The Case:

  • No account to start with
  • No previous experience with OnlyFans

Initial strategy:

  • Acquiring paid fans from TikTok to grow the account

Successes forMaxi:

  • 367 new fans in the first month
  • Account has made 18k revenue in the first 3 months
  • Over 1 million organic views on TikTok

Maxi’s Numbers:

3.800 $

Revenue 1st month


New Fans

1,7 Mio.

TikTok Views

What Maxi says:

I am very grateful to everyone at OFMA Agency for getting my OnlyFans career off the ground. I started out as an OnlyFans model with no prior experience and wasn’t sure what I needed to do to get fans. Before joining the agency, I had already tried everything I could find on the internet about optimizing my OnlyFans profile, but I had still only gained 7 followers in my first two weeks on the platform.

So I turned to a friend who I knew was already making money with OnlyFans. She referred me to the OFMA agency and said that her account was also managed by them and that they had helped her a lot. My very first phone call with Heiko was very informative, and I learned about the tremendous opportunity to gain fans through TikTok. His knowledge and kindness were enough to convince me to give the agency a chance. After joining OFMA, I received very specific instructions on what type of TikTok content I needed to create to get the most out of the platform. It only took a few days, and sure enough, one of my videos went viral! The most views for one video at the time was 524,000, which I thought was just crazy. In the screenshot I took for this review, you can clearly see the spikes in my fan count that occurred every time a video had a lot of views. I’m not sure I could have figured all this out on my own.

Of course I made some mistakes in the beginning, but my account manager Ricarda was very understanding and supported me whenever I needed help. Overall, I’m really glad my friend referred me to OFMA and I would recommend everyone to at least schedule a call and get an overview of their account.

– Maxi

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