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In the FAQ section we answer commonly asked questions. The FAQ section is already divided into the most relevant sections. Please note, that we are happy to answer all other questions in a private exchange as well.

The overview of sections:

Account Management

How often will I be in contact with my account manager?

We are approachable 24/7 for you. It is totally up to you if you want a daily chat or rather a weekly/monthly check-in. We have the human resources to provide a daily exchange as well as the technical infrastructure to work absolutely efficiently while having a personal exchange to the absolute minimum.

What does communication with my account manager look like?

You can reach out by mail, whatsapp, video call or phone call. In general we try to organize personal exchanges via calendar invites.

Who is managing my vault?

We take care of everything. After setting up secure data share points and developing the content roadmap, we do everything from there. We perfectly structure all content flows, so that our chat team will deliver guaranteed results quickly.


How do I start working with you?

You directly apply via Application form. We carefully review your provided information and reach out to you within the next 48 hours.

Before applying I want to ask some specific question – how?

Book a slot via our calendar tool. It is fast and simple and we can figure out directly if an application at OFMA ist right for you.

I have no OF experience yet, will I even be considered?

While our focus is to massively grow existing accounts, we also consider new starters. In regards to a successful application, we take several different aspects into account.

I got rejected, why?

Please note that we carefully consider each and every application before we reject someone or move on to the next round. We are very confident in regards to our capabilities to maximize the financial success with each partner that we are onboarding. Every onboarding requires a fair amount of resources and dedication from our side. We therefore only team up with creators where based on the shared information we are very confident in creating maximum success.

I got rejected once, can I apply again?

With the amount of applications we are receiving on a daily base, we have no doubt that we make a wrong call once in a while. If you have been working on your career since your last application, you are very welcome to apply again when your last application is more than three months ago.


Who owns the content I produce?

All content rights are reserved for you. We only use the content on your behalf while we have no ownership.

Do I have to produce certain type of content?

Together with your account manager, you will define the sweet spot of your personal desired type of content and highly success-related content. You will only have to produce content that you feel absolutely comfortable with.

How much content will I need to produce?

This strongly depends on your goals and also how much content is already available. Generally speaking, the more desired content you’ll produce the more success we’ll achieve. Between 10-20 content pieces per week is a range you probably should consider.

How much work time should I consider per week?

If you’re already an expert in your field you should not have to work more than 5 hours a week.


What marketing platforms do you use?

We are extremely firm in the field of online marketing. The use of concrete marketing channels strongly varies on the individual strategy we put in place for you. We generally work with platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Tinder, Bumble, Reddit, and others. Within those platforms, we have a playbook for organic and paid strategies.

Payment and Privacy

How do I get paid?

We provide multiple ways of how payments are made. This strongly depends on what is best for you. In general, payments are made on a monthly basis regardless of whom sets up the invoice.

Are there any financial risks associated with staring at OFMA?

No, there are no financial risks attached. After moving beyond the application phase we set up a contract on our costs. We’ll invest time and money in order to achieve the best possible results together. We only make money, when your account makes money. There are no hidden costs on your account.

Who has access to my content, is it safe?

Privacy and data security are basic requirements we fully cover with every partner. After your onboarding is complete, only you and your dedicated account manager have access to your shared data files. The same goes for your OF account, we do not spread the password across the team, it is only in the hands of the staff directly responsible for your support.

Can I stay private and still be successful on OF?

Yes, you can. We developed multiple successful strategies on how you can stay anonymous while still making more than 50.000$ per month.

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